Remarkable Experiences Program


To truly energize British Columbia and make it the most recommended destination in North America, we have created the Remarkable Experiences Program, designed to provide tools to help individual businesses improve their visitor experience and become the best digital marketers they can be.

Through this program, we are taking a fresh approach to working with industry and offering enhanced professional development resources as part of the overarching focus on destination development.

The Remarkable Experiences Program enables tourism operators to become experts in areas such as experience design, social media and digital marketing. It helps tourism businesses elevate their value proposition and deliver remarkable guest experiences that garner recommendations, referrals and repeat visits.

As we lead the further development and implementation of this new program, we will continue to work collaboratively with our partners, such as the Regional DMOs, and provide hands-on support to tourism industry operators by connecting them to knowledge-building tools and a network of like-minded operators. Further, we will help operators amplify BC’s world-wide marketing presence through online reputation management and social media competency, and by encouraging them to focus on increasing their Net Promoter Score.

In 2016, we will complete the pilots currently in implementation within four of the tourism regions; this will help us learn about and improve the program delivery model. After the first pilots, we’ll assess the program, with the goal of scaling it out to many more tourism businesses within the next three years.

Our vision is the empowerment of more successful businesses and the creation of more remarkable experiences all over BC.