Target Consumer Segments

Target Consumer Segments

The global travel market has increased, but like every tourism organization, we simply don’t have the resources to market to everyone. That’s why we need to focus on our best potential customers. By developing a deep understanding of our target traveller, we can build marketing activities that inspire travel to, and around BC, and encourage visitors to recommend the province to friends and family.

In addition to the standard variables of geographic markets and demographics, we need to understand and inspire the motivations, dreams and passions of our target consumers. That’s why we are consistently improving our insights into, and understanding of, travellers’ and consumers’ behaviour, attitudes and emotional connection with BC.

Using the Destination Canada’s “Explorer Quotient” (EQ) segmentation model, consumer insights and analytics, we have narrowed our focus to three consumer EQ segments: Authentic Experiencers, Free Spirits, and Cultural Explorers. We have also identified ten inspiring and motivating travel experiences that have the most potential from our top ten markets.

We are:

  • Focusing on the leisure travel segment (about 65% of travel spending in Canada), specifically affluent, frequent travellers.
  • Building brand recognition and cultivating long-term relationships for key trip-motivating travel experiences: Touring & Exploring, City Stays, Outdoor Adventure, Skiing, Aboriginal Cultural Tourism, Cruise, Wine Touring, Golfing and Fishing.
  • Building much greater capacity for gathering traveller insights through research and big data analytics across a host of consumer touch points, both along the path-to-purchase and while travellers are in-market.
  • Developing deeper connections with all communities and geographic areas of our province so we can reflect the wide variety of traveller opportunities.


The Leisure Path to Purchase model helps direct our marketing efforts to the stages in the travel purchase decision where we can best influence our customers.

As an industry, we each have a role in capturing the imagination and interest of prospective visitors through marketing tactics that target the key stages on the path to purchase. Destination BC’s marketing focuses primarily on inspiring travellers to actively consider a trip to and around British Columbia, and encouraging our visitors to recommend BC to friends and family. As the model is not linear, we may touch travellers at any point on the path.